Thursday, May 11, 2006

health magazine: 'Potty' Prince Charles

Britain's Prince Charles says he knows he is called the 'Potty Prince' and is constantly ridiculed for his wacky ideas.

The 57-year-old, who has previously admitted talking to plants and singing to seals, admits he is known as the most eccentric member of the British royal family.

He told the May issue of Britain's 'Men's Health' magazine: 'I've been labelled the Potty Prince and all that stuff. There's been endless ridiculing and rubbishing, endless laughing.

'But is it so controversial to suggest we're made up of mind, body and spirit and not just the body?'

The heir to the throne is a vocal supporter of alternative medicines, once endorsing a controversial cancer treatment which involved taking coffee enemas and drinking fruit juice instead of taking drugs.

Asked how men could be encouraged to take better care of their health, the prince - who celebrates his second wedding anniversary with the Duchess of Cornwall this Sunday (09.04.06) - replied: 'Through the ladies, I would have thought. It's funny, the influence women can have on getting us men sorted out is enormous.'

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