Friday, August 08, 2008

Advantage of Women subscribe to health magazine

Many women today's had subscribe to health magazine because their are more health conscious besides health magazine not only talk about health, its also covers fitness and weight loss programme and beauty such as acne skin. Health magazine also designates a certain section to health problems and how to deal with them and also reply forum.

When women going through health magazine they will had more knowledge about some minor sickness rather going to a doctor for a slight fever while the medicine from a phama shops. Health also give details about tips on bring up your children or new born baby. Like emergency such as falls, cuts or burns and what you must do.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

The useful of health magazine

More and more people of today are very caution about their health and weight. some people will buy health insurance so their could stay and check their health once a year at the expense of the insurance company but some could not afford the monthly charges of the insurance but are anxious to know more about health and weight subscribed to health magazine as a cheaper ways.

Health magazine todays
tells you all you want to know about health. The cause and the symptoms of every disease and the prevention. how to reach your ideal weight and fitness exercises. I am a subscriber to health magazine and one day I experience a symptoms of heart attacked which I read in the last two month health magazine. The symptom I read is the same which I experience when I admitted in a govt. hospital and rush to a emergency wards. It saves my live or I would not take it seriously if I never go through the health magazine.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Subscribe to health magazine to know about health.

If you are health conscious and wanted to know answer to health problems, it is advisable to subscribe to health magazine as it will give you more details to problems related to health. Spending times with doctors to get the answer to the health problem are limited as the doctor has other patients to see. Besides news and related health answer and problems comes from the health magazine are from well known doctors and scientist. Today health magazine are sold in every where, in markets or bookstore and the health magazine are only out once in a month which gives you plenty of time to read from the health magazine.

In the health magazine its tells you the cause of the illness, treatment, symptoms and the preventions to the cause of the disease. Not only did the health magazine covers about health, it also give some lesson of a simple first aids that we must do before we could reach the doctors. This simple first aids sometimes save the life of a person. Some of the simple home remedies that applying ice on burns and cuts or by a heavy knock. Or in case of heart attack what you can and have to do. Heart attack is number one killers in the world and to know some of the simple steps can save a life.


Friday, December 07, 2007

Health magazine change my life

When retired you will find and experience stress if you do not budget your finance and plain your lifestyle, and health. When I first got retirement money I went on tours with my wife and enjoy good foods. After a few months mostly stay at home when my cash was not very much, I find live very stressful and loss my temper for a very small things. So I decided to get a job to past my time and I got job at a clinic helper. The clinic was not very busy most of the time so I spent most of my time reading health magazine which the doctors subcribed every months.

After going through the health magazine that exercises can help our body from aging and disease. In one article its tells that yoga exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and secondly helps us to maintain our physical health and reduce ageings. After all the clinic close at 5pm dialy. I enroll myself with my wife in a yoga lesson and is guide by a instrutors. After a few month of yoga exercise I find my health going better and also I find I had get rids of stress as I finds I am not moody anymore and had never show my bad emotions and always cheerfuls.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Health magazine provide knowledge about health

I read some articles about health in a Health magazine. The health magazine gives you ideals and knowledge about many kinds of diseases in a human body, the symptoms, the cause and the treatment. Whenever I have some free times i will go through the health magazine to learn the cause of the disease and how to prevent from getting the disease when you go old.

Most of the cause of the disease are cause by ourself through unhealth eating, lack of good food nutrition in our body, late night sleep, smoking and drinking alhocol. Place of living are also contributed to unhealthy health. Lack or no exercise at all also a part of it. Most of the health magazine teaches us to take the right food for our body, and do not over eat until your stomage cannot go in. Drinking plenty of water and do daily exercise like walking or jogging or other light exercise.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Learn about vigra from health magazine

I recently read about an article about men impotence and Viagra the savers from a health magazine which I subcribed for quite some times. My sex life was not very good after I admitted in hospital of heart attack, three years ago. It is known to many person as the best and first oral treatment for impotence or ED ( erectile dysfunction ).

I got two tablet from my regular doctor and I was told to follow the instrutions prescribe by the doctor as I am a heart attack patient. My sex has improved alots and had erection while I am enjoying sex with my parner. Thanks to vigra that help and changes many men sex life.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The good about health magazine

I have gone through a health magazine which I subcribe for over a year, The subjects I go through are about the good of yoga exercise which can cure many types of pain in our body. My size to many peoples are considerate over weight and even I used to have on and off pain at my lower back.

I started to do yoga exercises during free time at home from the health magazine instructions. After a few lesson I start to loss some pounce that gives me more urges to go further. During the few months exercises I notice that it reduce my lower back pain and also the wrinkly on my face has gone less.

Besides learning from the health magazine the good about yoga exercises it also teaches you about diseases, its prevention, symptoms, risk factors and treatment and also food nutrition in our daily life.