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health magazine: Women With Dry Skin Find Relief With Unconventional Oil-Based Moisturizer From J'esprit Corp.

Wednesday April 12, 7:45 am ET
J'esprit Research Team Has More Than 100 Years' Experience in Skincare Industry

CHESAPEAKE, Va., April 12 /PRNewswire/ -- J'esprit Corporation today announced the release of Oui J'esprit Shower Oil, an oil-based moisturizer for women that doesn't evaporate like many water-based moisturizers and can be conveniently applied in the shower when pores are best able to absorb and retain moisture.

The company's lead dermatologist, Dr. Robert Baer, and its president, Ye- Vetta Wilson-Worst, worked with a team of cosmetic chemists to create a formula that would allow women to apply a blend of natural oils, vitamins and ceramides to leave their skin feeling nourished and silky - not oily.

"We wanted to create a moisturizer that was almost like a nutritional supplement for a woman's skin and could last all day," Wilson-Worst said. "We worked hard to make sure that our oil would penetrate and replenish a woman's skin without making it feel oily."

Each bottle of Oui J'esprit Shower Oil includes various essential oils, including safflower seed, jojoba, rice bran, avocado, rosehips, and tea tree. The product also includes aloe extract, a natural anti-bacterial moisturizer, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K - which are anti-oxidants that prevent irritation and rebuild and protect cells - and ceramide 3, which is naturally found in the skin and retains natural oils and rebuilds depleted lipids. Ceramides are the most common type of lipid and comprise 45 percent of lipids in skin. While many facial moisturizers incorporate ceramides into their formulas, Oui J'esprit imparts the benefits of ceramides to the entire body.

Oui J'esprit Shower Oil is applied after showering while the skin is still wet - avoiding the feet and face; excess oil is then rinsed off. The oil and its application process help the skin stay soft and moisturized hours longer than traditional lotions.

"Damp skin allows for better absorption and helps lock in moisture," according to Dr. Jeanine Downie in the January/February 2003 issue of Health magazine.

Over time, ceramides in the skin and in J'esprit oil will help women retain more moisture, so their skin appears smoother and younger.

Oui J'esprit Shower Oil comes in an 8-oz. bottle, which sells for $60, and a 4-oz. bottle, which sells for $45. The oil comes in two scents - morning dew and lavender. The company plans to launch a men's line of shower oils in the near future.

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About J'esprit Corporation

J'esprit Corporation was founded in 2002 with the mission of producing exceptional quality health and beauty products that are highly valued by its clients. The J'esprit cosmetic team has over 100 years of combined experience in the skincare industry. J'esprit's consultants have worked with and for some of the most respected skincare and cosmetic companies in the U.S. J'esprit Corp. is a woman-owned business and is especially attuned to meeting women's health and beauty needs.


Ye-Vetta Wilson-Worst, President/CEO
J'esprit Corporation

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