Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Health magazine help me to throw cigaretter

At times health magazine play a many important parts in peoples lives as health magazine show you about health in the mordern living. I read an articles from the health magazine about smoking is bad for health. The picture in the magazine shows you how nicotine cause your lung to grow back and eventually cause lung cancer, stroke and heart attack.

After reading the articles I decided to quit cigaretter which I started smoking when I was 18 years old when I started working in a 4 stars hotels which most of the staff smoking as during the time the cigaretters was very cheap about a dollar a packet and secondly is fun to join all the members who is smoking. Now I already stop smoking for about 6 months and am now 60 years old.

The success of my stop smoking is the supported of my wife and my two children. When ever you wanted to buy a packet of cigargretter said to yourself I will buy it later on. Try to occupied your time by doing some other things and lastly have the will power to said no to cigargetter when you are thinging to have a puff or refuse the offer when someone offer you a stick.