Friday, June 01, 2007

Malaysian people are getting fatter

Malaysians people are getting fatter and part of the problem is people do not realise and acknowledge they are overweight because of the lifestyle and the deliciously foods they enjoy each late night.

Nasi lemak, fast food, roti canai and teh tarik you can find it in every corner and all hours of the days and event frieds items foods, this temtation food had cause the malaysian to put on weight. From the health magazine, its studies conducted over recent years, more and more Malaysian are becoming overweight and obese. the sign are quite obvious. The rolls of surplus flesh, the tight,waistband and theordeal you feel when climbing up a short flight of steps, you don;t have to be genius to work out that youare carring extra weight.

But many of us won't admit to being overweight or obese. what's worse, we ignore other health issues associated to our weight. As it is too many are at risk of developing disease and illness from cardiovascular problems, respiratory difficulites, infertility to diabetes.

While we attribute our expanding waistlines to the food surroning us, the solution lies within us to change for the better. It is important that we create a lifestyle that incorporates exercise, good food choise, and a heathy attitude towards food. By taking this step, we can start our journey towards heathy weight loss.