Thursday, May 22, 2008

The useful of health magazine

More and more people of today are very caution about their health and weight. some people will buy health insurance so their could stay and check their health once a year at the expense of the insurance company but some could not afford the monthly charges of the insurance but are anxious to know more about health and weight subscribed to health magazine as a cheaper ways.

Health magazine todays
tells you all you want to know about health. The cause and the symptoms of every disease and the prevention. how to reach your ideal weight and fitness exercises. I am a subscriber to health magazine and one day I experience a symptoms of heart attacked which I read in the last two month health magazine. The symptom I read is the same which I experience when I admitted in a govt. hospital and rush to a emergency wards. It saves my live or I would not take it seriously if I never go through the health magazine.