Monday, May 01, 2006

Steps to success for healthcare IT:

Advertisers in the technology issue of hfm magazine offer their thoughts

Question: "What is the greatest challenge to the effective use of IT in health care and one key step to overcoming this challenge?"

"The greatest challenge to the effective use of IT in health care is to clearly identify healthcare issues in partnership with IT staff so that solutions are designed that meet the real needs of the healthcare industry."

--Janet Powers. Senior Marketing and Sales Manager, American Health Information Management Association

"Lack of adoption of supply chain standards. Organizations such as CHeS and GS1 have developed tools and established clear standards for business between trading partners. The technology exists to operate a seamless supply chain, yet our industry is plagued by errors that slow down the process, increase costs, and provide the wrong products to the wrong parties. By conforming to standards, healthcare professionals will increase IT efficiencies, reduce costs, and become better stewards of healthcare dollars."

--Robert Perry, President, Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management

"The greatest challenge healthcare organizations face is obtaining the return on technology investments they anticipated at the time of their investment. One key step to success is the implementation of an enterprisewide IT strategic planning and management initiative. The critical role IT plays in their business can go unrecognized by management. Identification and communication of organizational business needs must become the driver for planning, acquiring, and deploying business critical IT solutions."

--Rodney A. Walsh, Senior Managing Consultant, BKD, LLP

"The introduction of new technologies has brought remarkable improvements over the past few decades to the healthcare industry There is. however, widespread variation in how such new. as well as existing, technologies are used across hospitals, indicating that the most effective and efficient technologies may not always be the ones employed. There is a significant need to establish leadership and coordination in the aspects of technology development, deployment, and usage. Putting technology in place is one thing; using it to the maximum is another. Training and motivation are essential if investments in technology are to realize maximum benefits. Some of the barriers to maximization of use are psycho logical, which may be overcome by training or motivational programs."

by Healthcare Financial Management