Tuesday, May 30, 2006

health magazine: TRU NONI is proud to name Jeremy Shores its Director of Affiliate Relations

Jeremy Shore is introduced as TRU NONI's new Director of Affiliate Relations to bring the soon to be $1 trillion dollar wellness industry to the common man accross America.

Redwood Shores, CA (PRWEB) May 30, 2006 -- TRU NONI™, the direct source for 100% pure fresh pressed Noni juice from Hawaii today named Jeremy Shore its Director of Affiliate Relations.

Jeremy’s interest in health and fitness began at the early age of 14 when he discovered his father’s weight set in the basement of his house. In college he played soccer for the nationally ranked Queens University team in Charlotte, NC while pursuing a degree in business administration and marketing.

Jeremy has had a very successful career as a personal trainer in New York City, Dallas, and Los Angeles. He is also an internationally recognized fitness model. He has modeled around the world and been featured in numerous fitness publications including Men’s Fitness and Outside magazine, and has appeared on the cover of Men’s Health magazine both in United States and Germany.

“TRU NONI is fortunate to have joining us a man of faith and integrity that is found in Jeremy who brings years of dedication in the health and fitness industry working with people to achieve life changing goals, said Michael Fox, TRU NONI, CEO. The Noni industry is full of companies that will say and do just about anything to sell their Noni products, sometimes even stepping over the line of the law, says Fox.

One of the most recent examples was caught on tape by a hidden camera in southern California by a local CBS TV news team that went under cover to a TAHITIAN NONI INTERNATIONAL™ multi-level distributor meeting held at the company’s regional office in Costa Mesa, California. In front of a large room filled with distributors, a motivational type speaker referred to the sacred Noni fruit as “…to me it tastes kinda just like money.” In another example in the same news broadcast, the CBS undercover producer posing as a lupus patent invited two TAHITIAN NONI distributors to a house in Orange County, California and asked, “should we consult our doctor?” and the TAHITIAN NONI distributor answered, “No…No. Just do it. No. No.”

Both of these examples clearly cross the line of the standards of “Zero Tolerance” TRU NONI has set up for our Super Affiliates who represent our Noni juice product. The integrity that Jeremy brings in his personal and business life along with his strong leadership skills will help maintain TRU NONI’s strong standards to follow what the U.S. congress wrote into law in the form of the “Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994”, making him the perfect fit for our fast growing company, said Fox.

Behind every man of great success is a strong supportive wife, and for Jeremy her name is Holly. She is part Hawaiian and grew up during the summer months on the beach of Kailua, Oahu. Jeremy met Holly while the two were on a modeling assignment in Los Angeles in 2002. Holly is a certified Holistic Health Counselor, helping her clients find the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for the life they desire. “ Holly introduced me to the "wholistic" approach to nutrition that is a vital component to true health,” said Shore. “Noni juice is a great addition to enhancing life from the inside-out.” Jeremy and his wife volunteer their time with various homeless ministries and environmental organizations throughout their community.

“I feel like we are getting a two for one deal as Jeremy encouraged by Holly joins our TRU NONI family of Hawaiian farmers and the other affiliates to bring this sacred fruit juice from the Creator called Noni to the people of our great Nation”, said Fox.

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