Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Thinking in Home Stereo

New Thinking in Home Stereo--Attention retail consumers: you don't have to buy that rubbish from the high street electronics store! You know it will only malfunction and fall apart like an '87 Plymouth.

There is an alternative! Go heavy duty. Go professional. Go tough. Go strong. Go powerful. Go quality. Get the real thing!

What's in your living room right now? Do you have a large silvery plastic thing containing a couple of cassette decks, a pop-up CD drawer or a five disc carousel and an FM tuner with LED's all over it? Is part of it broken, just like the one you had before?

Let's face it, most of the equipment we see on the shelves at "The Good Guys" and "Circuit City" is all flash and no guts. You drop it and it breaks. You bump it, it cracks. You push it a little too roughly and the doors jam open or closed. And even though the stickers proclaim 200w total system power, it sounds awful if you turn the volume up.

Well it's our own fault that these things are out there on those shelves. We buy them, we break them and we replace them. And we're too polite or stupid to say "Hey, this thing sounds awful and parts of it don't work anymore!"

By Jeffrey the Barak