Thursday, November 16, 2006

health magazine about diabetes

Shortly thereafter, I started using an insulin pump to help me control my diabetes. The device is so small that while I was competing in the Miss America pageant, the judges actually asked me where it was hidden! The pump delivers precise doses of insulin 24 hours a day through a six-millimeter catheter placed under the skin. The pump is programmed to change the amount of insulin delivered based on my individual body metabolism. This technology made it possible for me to achieve nearly everything I have aspired to. I have been wearing the pump for nearly 10 years, during which I have participated in the Miss America program, handled high levels of stress, traveled worldwide and recently had a perfectly healthy baby. Today, I'm benefiting from the latest advances in diabetes management, including a "smart pump" with carb-counting software and a continuous glucose monitor. These miracles of medical technology have allowed me to live life on my terms instead of being dictated by my disease.

Now, eight years after my unforgettable term as Miss America, I still spend every day as a diabetes warrior. I travel extensively speaking out about this condition to patient groups and healthcare providers. I also have the opportunity to communicate about diabetes issues as a columnist for Diabetes Health Magazine and as the host of "dLife" on CNBC every week.