Wednesday, May 17, 2006

health magazine: Your Health Now A Free Consumer Health Magazine

ATLANTA, GA (May 16, 2006) - Every day people are inundated with health information – some of it confusing, and even contradictory.

Now, the publisher of The Merck Manuals, a trusted medical resource since 1899 and the world’s most widely used medical reference books, is introducing yet another educational, unbiased, and free resource called Your Health Now.

“Increasingly, people want information to help them take more active roles in health care decisions,” notes Dr. Robert Berkow, editor emeritus of The Merck Manuals, and editor-in-chief of the new magazine. “ Your Health Now is a tool to help people stay informed about health issues and foster productive conversations with their doctors.”

Your Health Now answers common health questions and also provides information about getting free and discounted medicines.

Each issue focuses on a different health theme based upon the most frequently accessed topics on the Merck Manuals website. An Advisory Board reviews the magazine to ensure that the content is non-promotional and unbiased. Each issue also includes expertise from a guest editor.

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