Sunday, July 23, 2006

health magazine: A big weight off mind and body for Lucilla


LUCILLA Marshall says she used to wonder why other women were so obsessed with shopping.

Now 55kg lighter than her top weight of 120kg and a size 10 rather than a size 22, Ms Marshall says it was a mystery no longer.

“When I bought my first size 10 jeans I thought ‘I get it’ and now I love going shopping,” she said.

Ms Marshall, 34, said she had had a weight problem throughout her teens and adulthood but it wasn’t until Christmas 2004 when she saw a photograph of herself taken by a friend that “something in my brain switched on”.

“I was a very sad and tired size 22 and it was affecting my relationships,” she said.

“It was difficult to walk up stairs and I couldn’t chase the kids.

“It just got to the point where I thought ‘I can do better’.”

Ms Marshall said the first issue was dismissing the idea that with four children under the age of five and working full-time that she had no time for exercise.

“I felt guilty taking time out for myself but without the support of my partner Stephen it would have been impossible,” she said.

“I also had a lot of support from friends and people at work and that enables you to keep going and is a huge motivator.

“I started out very slowly and walked at least five days a week for half an hour, getting up at 6am before everyone else was awake.

“Now I walk on the weekend for an hour and a half.”

Ms Marshall said she combined her new exercise regime with a diet in which she ate only healthy food.

“I am now a huge salad fan and although I was fussy when I was a child, my kids will eat anything put in front of them.

Ms Marshall is now one of 10 finalists in Slimming and Health magazine’s Slimmer of the Year 2006. Details of the competition and how to vote for her are located at the website

Ms Marshall said 12 months after her weight loss began in January last year, she had returned to her hometown of Armidale in NSW to find old friends didn’t recognise her when she passed them in the street.