Wednesday, September 06, 2006

health magazine: Women's Health Magazine Study Reveals 37% of Women Expect to Live to 100, Though Few Desire It; Results Find Women Fear Cancer

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 6, 2006--Thirty seven percent of Women's Health magazine readers believe that they'll live to 100 years old, while only 12 percent actually desire to live to that age, according to an exclusive study conducted by the magazine. Readers were polled in conjunction with the title's feature package on "Living to 100"--a special report in the September issue of Women's Health, on newsstands now.

"The most surprising result of the study is that young women aren't comfortable with what old age can look like and feel like today," said Tina Johnson, editor-in-chief, Women's Health. "So much so that some actually prefer living a shorter life! In this Special Report on living to 100, we hope to change readers' perceptions of growing older and show them that small steps can and will result in feeling healthier in their later years. What we now know about disease prevention, nutrition and the importance of exercise makes aging more gracefully and really thriving in old age much more of a reality."

Women's Health poll results reveal:

-- Percentage of readers who actually want to live to 100: 12

-- Percentage of readers who think they will live to 100: 37

-- Reasons why the remaining 63% say they won't: "Global warming" and "too many diseases"

-- The average age bracket readers would like to live to: 80's

-- The average age readers see themselves retiring: 70

-- The top two things they know they will accomplish by age 100: Having children and traveling

-- Percentage of readers who believe they'll leave their mark on this world before 100: 77

-- Number of countries the average woman expects to visit in a lifetime: 5-10

-- Percentage of readers who plan to live and die in their hometown: 2

-- 62% of readers fear Cancer the most, though cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in women. Alzheimer's was second most-feared disease.

These results are based on an email poll of 1,065 Women's Health readers, age 18 and older, conducted in June 2006.

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