Friday, September 08, 2006

health magazine: Al Jazeera Children's Channel to commemorate its first year of broadcast

In marking its first year on air, Al Jazeera Children's Channel, the first Arabic edutainment channel, offers a range of special programs on Saturday 9th September 2006.

Al Jazeera Children's Channel takes off with a set of special programs and series that summarizes the Channel's milestones of success over the past year. A bouquet of premiers will be also showcased throughout the day, including the Channel's first cartoon series, 'Kalila wa Dimna' and the exclusive premier of 'Ibn El Ghaba (Jungle Boy)', the first animated film of international standards produced in the Gulf.

As part of its commitment to maintaining a two-way communication with the viewers, Al Jazeera Children's Channel (JCC), offers Arab parents and their children an opportunity to debate its content and programs over a special episode of its in-house produced show 'Nadhra Ala'; the young guests coming from different part of the Arab World address the Channel's Executive General Manager with their views and debate their concerns.

Additionally, Al Jazeera Children's Channel introduces two groundbreaking edutainment series comprising of animated children songs 'Rami and Lamia' and 'Lulu and Marmar'; the first is designed to capitalize on children's attitude and slip-in behavior while the second aims to enhance children's cultural knowledge and understanding.

As part of the special day on screen, Al Jazeera Children's Channel also broadcasts new episodes of the first Arabic televised magazines: 'Wahat Al Oloum' the informative science magazine, '1, 2 Intalek' the dynamic sports magazine, 'Siha wa Salama' the educational health magazine, 'Duniamedia' the up-to-date tech news as well as 'Wasla', the monthly program linking young Arab children. 'Kol Yom', the daily rendezvous magazine showcases, in this special episode, the 'behind the scenes' gags. An-Nadi presenters will accompany the viewers and introduce them to the day's programs.